Review: is it legit?

As you look at their website, appears to be very real.

They don’t sell commissions and even promise dividends to their clients. We don’t understand why traders accept dividends for use.

They also offer unreasonable bonuses of up to 200%. This type of asset comes with a fine print which in most cases prevents you from making a withdrawal.

They also claim that 98.5% of their orders are filled without slippage, but we doubt that promise. It seems like aspgloballimited.comis just using spring marketing to suck you in.

Also, as much as aspgloballimited.comclaims to be closely related to the industry, we believe this is another lie, which we cannot see through if so.

Looking at the expansion card, we find that the figures are too good to be true.

Red flags

  1. Tranco ranking

According to the ranking this site has the lowest one. It has many many visitors and is not good in relation to other sites. While this site’s traffic is low it does not even have a demo account. It is a high risk for you to invest in companies with these characteristics. 

  1. Free Email 

This site uses different types of Email addresses.

  • One type of free email they use is for contact with administrators. The Disadvantage of this email address is that you cannot track the identity of the owner.
  • The other type is  gmail or hotmail. This site uses free email services like Hotmail and Gmail. 
  • And the last one is free email for technical content. 
  1. Domain age

This site was registered recently. The age of is very young. Usually scam brokers are created recently. 

It can be a major red flag or risk signal for this company.


  • The company is unregulated.
  • Company is blacklisted.
  • Company is part of the warning list of ACS.
  • Website data-sensitive services are hosted on a shared server. 
  • Users’ comments were so bad that it shows they are untrustworthy of the company.
  • Unlicensed broker.
  • Lack of transparency.
  • Uses a free email address.
  • No legal protection.
  • Poor communication.
  • High fees and commission.



  1. Is legit or a scam?

According to our research and as we mentioned several negative points of this site above, we can say it is a scam. 

  1. From where operates?


  1. How to contact

To contact them you can use:

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