Review: legit or scam Store is a scam store. Its type of store website claims to sell a few types of products once you order from them. First of all they will never send you a product or if they send you a product it will be a cheap and useless product . Review

Its fraudulent website we found very high amount of red flags about this website and its not trustworthy website avoid from this website with any cost 

We have tried to find their contact information but we didn’t find it because they will never share contact info to the public in case they will close the website and go on forever.

Biglots-stores fake shops have much more 0 star reviews. After our investigation and researching we found lots of red flags about this shop .

products of biglots store

Some Red flags about

This website is very new. According to semrush this website has been online for a few months. Some shops like this create a domain and then simply delete it .

Moreover we didn’t find any contact information, email or phone number in this online shop. We checked users’ feedback on the trustpilot website and we found this website trying to post fake reviews on that website to get more attention .

Biglots-stores selling items in 90% discount which clearly means its scam why would someone sell in 90% discount rate just think about this this scam website promoted with emails and ads access internet  the will send you with spam email or through tik tok advertisements and with fake news website and communities .

Who is the owner of

We researched but didn’t find any information about the CEO or owner of this website .


We don’t recommend this website to any of our visitors. The website takes your payment and they will never send you a product if you wait for months or even years .

The website also uses copied contact and fake wordpress templates that some new scam shops use .

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