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Discover BitProfit, an innovative automated trading platform designed for traders of all skill levels. Learn how BitProfit utilises advanced technology and AI to enhance trading performance and profits. Uncover the benefits of using BitProfit, including time-saving features and user-friendly interface.

Find out how BitProfit’s sophisticated algorithms analyse the cryptocurrency market and make informed trading decisions. Understand how artificial intelligence powers accurate trade executions for enhanced profitability. This review provides essential information to help you decide if BitProfit is the right trading tool for you in 2023.

Learn how BitProfit works by utilising automated trading software with advanced algorithms for market analysis. Discover how users can fund accounts for cryptocurrency trading, adjust preferences, and manage risk levels through the platform’s interface. Understand the comprehensive market assessment approach combining fundamental and technical analyses.

Explore BitProfit Risk Pro, a unique trading approach integrating automated trading with advanced risk management tools. Discover features like automated trading, risk assessment tools, risk management tools (SL, TP, NBP), and reinvestment strategy for compounding earnings.

Important Note: Proceed with caution when engaging with BitProfit, as it lacks necessary licences to operate in Australia. Operating without ASIC licences indicates potential risks for Australian customers. Verify details on ASIC’s website: [ASIC Website]( )

Unlicensed Entity Details:

– Name: BitProfit (

– Type: Unlicensed

– Address: 75 Barker Street Ave Redmond WA 6505

– Website: [BitProfit Website](v )

– Email: 

What is BitProfit? 

BitProfit is an innovative automated trading platform designed for traders of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. It uses advanced technology and AI to automatically execute trades on behalf of users, potentially increasing their trading performance and profits.

One of the key benefits of BitProfit is its ability to simplify and improve the trading process. By letting BitProfit handle your cryptocurrency trades, you can save time and effort. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible even to those with limited experience or busy schedules.

BitProfit’s sophisticated algorithms work non-stop to analyse the cryptocurrency market and make well-informed trading decisions for users. By harnessing artificial intelligence, BitProfit can execute trades accurately, leading to enhanced profitability for its users. This review aims to provide you with all the necessary information to help you make an informed decision about using BitProfit as your trading tool in 2023.

How does BitProfit work? 

BitProfit uses automated trading software to execute trades by analysing market data, with advanced algorithms guiding decision-making. Users can fund their accounts for cryptocurrency trading and adjust their preferences and risk levels through a user-friendly interface. The platform combines fundamental and technical analyses to assess the market comprehensively. While aiming to improve trade success and profits, BitProfit does not guarantee returns due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. It serves as an online platform for cryptocurrency investment, aiming to simplify trading but requires users to understand and manage associated risks carefully.

BitProfit Risk Pro :

BitProfit offers a unique approach to trading by combining the benefits of automated trading with advanced risk management tools. Here are some key features that set BitProfit apart from traditional trading platforms:

1. Automated Trading: BitProfit utilises sophisticated algorithms to execute trades on behalf of users, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This automation allows for 24/7 trading without the need for constant monitoring.


2.  Assessment Tool: BitProfit provides a comprehensive risk assessment tool that evaluates users’ risk appetite based on their trading psychology and financial situation. This tool helps users determine the ideal risk per trade level for their accounts.

3. Risk Management Tools: BitProfit offers a range of risk management tools, including Stop Loss (SL), Take Profit (TP), and Negative Balance Protection (NBP). These tools help users mitigate risks by automatically closing trades at predetermined levels or preventing account balances from going negative.

4. Reinvestment Strategy: BitProfit enables users to reinvest their profits automatically, compounding their earnings over time. This strategy has helped many traders build substantial wealth quickly by reinvesting their gains into new trades.

5. Lower Risk Profile: Compared to traditional CFD platforms, BitProfit is considered less risky due to its automated trading approach and advanced risk management tools. Users can adjust their risk per trade level to align with their risk tolerance, reducing the potential for significant losses.

6. Emotional Trading Prevention: BitProfit’s risk management tools, such as SL and TP, help prevent common emotional trading pitfalls like fear and greed. By automatically closing trades at predetermined levels, users can avoid making impulsive decisions based on emotions.

Overall, BitProfit offers a safer and more efficient trading experience by combining automated trading with advanced risk management tools. Users can leverage these features to maximise their profit potential while minimising risks in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Social media and BitProfit

BitProfit has been the subject of fake posts circulating on social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as false claims associating it with Amazon, Tesla, and the Dragons Den show.

Regarding Amazon, it is clarified that Amazon, a global retail giant with no affiliation to BitProfit or any related crypto robots, has not been involved with the platform. The official BitProfit website issues a warning to users about these misleading Amazon-related fake news.

In the case of Tesla, despite the company’s notable investment in bitcoin, fake posts suggest that Tesla divested to invest in leading crypto trading robots like BitProfit. However, BitProfit refutes these claims, stating that the robot is solely funded by the commissions charged on users’ accounts.

Additionally, there are false reports suggesting that BitProfit secured funding on the Dragons Den show from angel investors Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden. BitProfit denies ever appearing on the show and receiving such funding, cautioning users against believing in these fake news reports.

Users are advised to verify information directly from the official BitProfit website to avoid falling for misleading claims and to ensure a clear understanding of the platform’s operations and funding sources.

Who owned BitProfit? 

BitProfit is run by a team of seasoned crypto traders and software developers, who have collaborated to create a trading bot that navigates the complex markets to assist traders in executing profitable transactions. While the specific identities of the owners are not extensively disclosed, they diligently supervise the bot’s functionality, regularly adapting it to the prevailing stock market conditions for optimal performance. It is crucial for crypto traders to exercise caution and not solely depend on the robot, as success in trades cannot be entirely guaranteed. Due to the inherent volatility of the market, there is always a potential financial risk involved that necessitates strategic decision-making and attentiveness from traders.

How to use BitProfit app:

 Here’s a brief overview of using the BitProfit app for trading:

1. Sign up on the official website.

2. Verify registration with a linked broker.

3. Fund your account through the linked CFDs broker.

4. Practice on the demo platform.

5. Start a live trading session.

6. Let the robot trade autonomously while you go about your day.

7. Set up the robot in less than 10 minutes.

8. Schedule it to stop trading at the end of each daily session.

In conclusion, BitProfit is an innovative automated trading platform leveraging advanced technology and AI to simplify and enhance trading processes for users of all skill levels. While it offers sophisticated algorithms for making informed trading decisions, it lacks the necessary licences to operate in Australia, posing potential risks for users. Before considering Big Profits services, individuals should be aware of this licensing issue and conduct thorough research to make informed decisions about using this platform.

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