BLUE SKY LENDING Legit or scam? Recover Your Money

The phishing scheme is an exploitative scam that has hitched many innocent consumers. Being able to recognize how it works can help avoid falling prey.

This article is for your awareness and provides in-depth information about this fraudulent scheme. Here you will know how it works, what callers want, what protection points and other tips.

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  • BLUE SKY LENDING REVIEW, Legit or scam? 


Blue Sky Lending is a legitimate financial corporation that works for lending services. 

In recent times, scammers use the Blue Sky Lending name in order to lure people by calling and claiming to have approved loans for them and needing to confirm personal information.


It is important to be wary of any unsolicited loan offers or requests for personal information from entities claiming to be Blue Sky Lending or any other unfamiliar lender.

In recent times scam calls are become popular.  Scammers use the name Blue Sky Lending to create a sense of credibility and legitimacy when calling targeted victims. They claim to offer best loan terms, such as low interest rates, quick approval processes, and no credit checks, in an attempt to lure individuals into their scam.

Blue Sky Lending announced alert about this scam too as you see in picture: 

As we searched out, scammers called individuals by the name of Blue sky Lending from different numbers. When scammers call and talk about a loan they ask for confirmation to add some personal information by which they can easily access the personal information of the victim. 


If you contacted by someone pretense to be from Blue Sky Lending it is recommend to : 

  1. Report to FTC: Whenever someone calls you and claims to be from blue sky direct report to Federal Track Commission or your local consumer protection agency because Blue Sky Lending never Calls individuals for asking any information. 
  2. Do not share personal information: never share your personal information such as bank account details, passwords,credit card information and other security numbers. 
  3. Beware of unsolicited calls: be cautious if you receive any suspicious calls. Blue Sky Lending never calls for offering loans. 
  4. Do not apply demands of caller: If caller wants you to do anything or threaten you try to block caller number and do not apply what caller says. 
  5. Verify the legitimacy: if you receive any suspicious call try to find caller identity. Ask for name, title ,contact and other information. Check it on the website of Blue Sky and try to find its legitimacy. 

The above protection points help you to stay safe and far from scammers. 

Remember that legitimate corporations never do the above points. Be cautious, stay vigilant, and follow above protection points to safeguard  your personal 


  1. Calls are not from Official corporations: official and legimat offices do not call individuals.
  2. Using fake callers ID and numbers: scammers use different ID and different numbers. Try to check it first, is it from a real company or not. 
  3. Ask for personal information: if you receive any suspicious call that asks you for information, ignore it.
  4. Pushback from victim.
  5. Threat individuals: scammers always try to use fear tactics. Be cautious of scam calls. They threaten and use high pressure tactics to rush you in making decisions. If the caller makes you immediately have payment it is a red flag. 

In conclusion it is important for individuals to be vigilant and cautious when receiving unsolicited loan offers or requests for personal information over the phone.  Blue Sky Lending scam phone calls are a serious threat to individuals seeking financial assistance. By staying informed, cautious, and proactive in protecting personal information, individuals can avoid falling victim to these fraudulent schemes and safeguard themselves from financial harm.

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