CompareRates Kingslane Securities scam Review- file a complaint today!


(Scam broker) this name is very popular these days. They work to steal funds from their clients by using tactics.Let’s aware you from another trading broker that newly added to scam broker list.This scam broker is 

If you are struggling with yourself, you want to make a business with,  you want to increase your funds and make your future better, but you don’t know how? You don’t know if it is a trustworthy company or not, keep reading this article and let us help you make an educated decision. 

To make an educated decision first you need to know all about the company details then search about legitimacy or scam of the company. We recommend you to stay with us and achieve your purpose .


CompareRates Kingslane Securities is an online trading broker which is owned by Pyt Ltd. To contact with the company you are able to use: 

Phone Number :  61863751945


Address: Perth, Australia, Kingslane Securities Pyt Lt

IS CompareRates Kingslane Securities LEGIT? 

To answer your question we had analyzed the company and searched all enough about the company to find the correct information. We found that CompareRates Kingslane Securities is a scam trading broker that just works to steal your money. We have different reasons to prove our words.


COMPARERATES.KINGSLANE-SECURITIES.COM.AU is an unlicensed firm which is black listed by ASIC. 

The ASIC mentioned that 

( WARNING! Be wary of dealing with this suspected imposter entity

It may be impersonating or falsely claiming to be working with:

a registered Australian business;

Australian financial services licensee;

Australian credit licensee; and/or

the authorized representatives

 or employees of the business or licensee.) 

You may want to see more you can use link:!https-comparerates-kingslane-securities-com-au-1475

The platform offers fixed income numbers of popular assets, but all are currency pairs and CFDs. 


  • Unregulated company.
  • Blacklisted company.
  • Unlicensed company.
  • Unsecure website. 
  • Not enough info about the website.
  • Negative comments of people.
  • Does not let you withdraw money from your account.
  • No SSL valid certificate.
  • High fees and commission.
  • Low trust score.
  • No transparency 
  • No legal protection.
  • Warned by ASIC OF Australia 
  • Low  rank.


The has hidden their WHOIS information. A legitimate broker always gives full information to clients but this broker lacks. announced as an unauthorized, unregulated and unlicensed company that was blacklisted by Australian Securities Investment & Commission. 


COMPARERATES.KINGSLANE-SECURITIES.COM.AU use free phone number and email which is responsible. As well as they changed their contacts too. And the address is also not clear. 

Moreover, their website is not secure either. 


Withdrawal of your funds is very hard. They delay your request till you expire. Then you can not do anything. After six months a withdrawal request expires. gives you nonsense reasons till expiration.


 SSL certificates are very important for legitimate business. But there is a free level of SSL certificate that scammers use to fraud people. 

Additionally, the trust score of is very low. There are few numbers of viewers or almost not at all. 

No transparency is another big point for the company. 

Remember that scammers often pretend to represent a legitimate firm.


CompareRates Kingslane Securities is a fraud and you need to avoid this broker. Their website presents a number of red flags that are hard to ignore.

You should therefore not send them any money, seeing that the company is not willing to disclose their licensing status as well as location of their offices. 

You read all the red flags about that was strong evidence about being a scam of this broker. is a totally scam that has a bad history all around the world. The company is blacklisted by ASIC and not trustworthy. 

Thanks for reading this review. You can use the comment section to discuss your experience with others and to put an end to these scams.

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