By reading our today’s findings you will reach the status of ELEMENTARYCOINFX. The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK verified that ELEMENTARYCOINFX  has been working as an investment businesses firm without any authorization.


ELEMENTARYCOINFX is an online trading broker that provides financial services. 

They provide bitcoin mining by a team of crypto mining experts. 

They didn,t share any contact or address. They only have an internet presence by email.


Key features: 

  • Lake of information on website 
  • Poor communication and refuse to answer question 
  • Doesn,t allow you to withdraw your money. 
  • Unrealistic expectation
  • Not regulated
  • High fees and commission
  • Warned by FCA of UK  
  • No transparency 

Why Elementarycoinfx is a scam?

As it is clear that no licensed companies are not reliable to invest, so Elementarycoinfx also does not have license and regulation. Unfortunately Elementarycoinfx is unregulated and unauthorized to operate by any major regulatory authority. This means that they are working under no regulation in order to run out funds of clients. Firstly, withdrawal is difficult when you request, they ignore your requests and suspend your account. So it is not a registered company, and it is not safe to sign in with an offshore broker, as they are not reliable in terms of regulation and safety. 

As it is an unregulated platform investment so be away from it and avoid investing with them.

They are not secure, they promise things that they don’t deliver.

Elementarycoinfx is also an unregulated investment platform similar to other brokers that we reviewed earlier. Unregulated platform problems are that they are not reliable, disparagement and abuse the regulation.

As mentioned, FCA of UK verified that ELEMENTARYCOINFX has been working as an investment businesses firm without any authorization.So dealing with unregulated investment is always a terrible idea  for various reasons. All lack of regulation strongly shows that it is very very spurious. 


  • What is Elementarycoinfx? 

It is a bitcoin mining service. Other WHOIS information is hidden or lacking. There is no access to brokers without email. And the email is also a free one. 


ELEMENTARYCOINFX is not legit. FCA warns investors to stay far away from this broker. It is working under no authority and easily escapes. 

  • Can I withdraw? 

No, you can’t withdraw your money because if you request they suspend your account. 

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