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The website is a relatively new player in the online domain, with its domain age set to reach 1 year in the future. Despite its youth, the site boasts a range of features and details that provide insight into its operations.

  • WHOIS Data

The WHOIS data for is currently hidden, adding a layer of privacy to the website’s registration information. This means that details such as the registrant’s name, contact information, and address are not readily accessible through public databases.

  • Company Data

The organisation behind is listed as the Whois Privacy Protection Foundation. The owner’s information is redacted for privacy, with only generic contact details provided. The address associated with the organisation is located in Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. For inquiries, a contact form can be filled out on the website.

  • Website Data

The website features a simple yet informative design, with the title mirroring the domain name itself. The site boasts very fast loading speeds, ensuring a smooth user experience. Additionally, the SSL certificate is valid, with a low-level Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL) issued by Let’s Encrypt.

  • Additional Details

– Website:

– Title:

– Domain Age: 1 year from now

– Website Speed: Very Fast

– SSL Certificate: Valid

– SSL Type: Low – Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)

– SSL Issuer: Let’s Encrypt

– WHOIS Registration Date: 2022-12-16

– WHOIS Last Update Date: 2024-03-11

– WHOIS Renew Date: 2024-12-16

  • Tags

The primary language used on the website is Dutch, catering to users who prefer content in this language.

  • offers 

It offers high-yield investment plans promising significant returns in short periods. For example, investing $5000 could yield $12000 in a month. Plans for larger sums like $20000 could result in $64000 in three months, or $100000 could turn into $350000 in a year. Minimum deposit is $5000 with no maximum limit, and various payment methods including cryptocurrencies are accepted. However, caution and research are advised due to potential risks.


Users are warned to be cautious when dealing with due to suspicions of impersonation or false claims of association with registered Australian entities. The website is under scrutiny for potentially misleading users about its legitimacy. It is advised to verify the site’s credentials and exercise caution to protect against possible scams. Summary Report

  1. Website Assessment:

A thorough investigation did not reveal similarities with previously identified scam or popular websites. However, this does not ensure the website’s legitimacy since scammers often create multiple sites with identical designs for malicious purposes.

  1. Content Analysis: has been categorised as an ‘Investment Site,’ requiring heightened scrutiny due to associated risks in the financial sector susceptible to fraudulent activities. Users are strongly advised to conduct extensive research before engaging with any investment opportunities provided by Verify the website’s legitimacy, regulatory compliance, and the credibility of its investment offerings to mitigate potential financial risks.

  1. Risk Assessment: operates in high-risk areas typically associated with cryptocurrency, investments, and casinos, which are commonly exploited by scammers for illicit gains.

  1. Technical Review:

Upon detection, was less than six months old, a period typical for many scam websites. It’s essential to exercise caution with newly established sites. The presence of a valid SSL certificate indicates secure data transmission, although scammers may also utilise free certificates. Always ensure data protection when entering sensitive information.

  1. Social Insight:

Absence of social network links on raises suspicions, as reputable online platforms usually have connections to their social profiles for customer engagement. Low user traffic to the site may be normal under certain circumstances, but for an online store, it could signal a red flag regarding interaction risk.

  1. Evaluation:

The website owner’s use of identity protection services raises concerns about transparency and ownership verification. Concealing ownership information may lower the website’s credibility score. Tranco analysis shows a low ranking for, indicating limited visitor traffic characteristic of smaller or niche websites, contrasting with popular platforms that typically have higher visitor numbers.

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