Mrb4.Site Review : Mrb4.Site Mr beast card giveaway .

Have you ever seen Mrb4.Site website if yes be aware its very big gifting or giveaway scam on the online market .

What is Mrb4.Site 

Its online scam and fake website that owens by some hackers and attackers the collect your personal information like passwords and credit cards bank info and much more personal information the climes that the well give you free gift card if you subscribe there youtube channel when i come across the and its domain name its fully clear that the website is fully gift card scheme scam that will install virus in your pc or you mobile phones.

Why Mrb4.Site collects your data .

Once you create an account with this website they will collect your data and never give any gift or something. However they just scam you by giving your personal information once you fill the info into their website then they will sell your information to other websites for money .

Moreover this kind of website is not new on the market. The first promise you free gift cards then they will get you a subscription or something and the money will cut monthly or daily from your account or Bank. Currently hundreds of users are already scammed by this website .

Is mrb4 website is legit 

 After our researching we found that this website working gifting scam it means it’s not safe and it’s fully scam website the website use .site domain which is red flag most top brands and use top level domains and scammers use low quality and not tld domains the website does not have any contact information for users which you can contact them moreover the use phishing links as we check with our anti virus the website have lots of trap for users most the site users are from us canada,uk .


In the end we say don’t fall into any scam like this before putting your information on any site you must think about that site and do own research about that site to check if its scam or legit website the website big red flags are getting your personal information and the use fake theme and fake contact number even the didn’t have any address or company.

Additionally if you want report any scam website to us you can just contact us using contact us page on top of our website

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