Review – scam or legit

What is is an online Cryptocurrency investment company that claims to operate from Hong Kong. The platform was registered one month ago and unregulated blacklisted in December of 2023. 

This is a HYIP site which offers Cryptocurrency detected information. The owner of this site is protected by WHOIS and uses a paid server. Also this platform prefers to hide their phone number to high the quality of their privacy but it is not good news. has a valid DV SSL Certificate and the site speed is slow. MScoinEX is the title of this platform but this site does not seem to be active now. 

To contact them you can use their Email address at Email

 and website at

We could not found phone number of 

Facts about

Regarding our company and webshop evaluation of this site, here are all facts and general information about which helps you to make an educated decision about its reality. 

  1. is an online unregulated blacklisted and unlicensed company. We analysed this platform and found the facts about this site. Usually we cannot trust on any unregulated platforms and they are marked as suspicious ones by every trusted Authority. 
  2. Do not invest in new registered companies. New ones are usually a scam. We cannot trust on recently registered companies and it is better for you to not accept this high risk for your business and funds. 
  3. The owner identity is very important, companies hide their owner’s Identity by WHOIS to protect any risks for themselves. If they are not identified they can disappear easily after every stealing and scamming. Our Experts never have a good look for those who hide their identities. 
  4. This broker offers Cryptocurrency and high risk Financial services. Both of them are risky for customers. I encourage you to not enter the world of Cryptocurrency and financial services especially if you are new in online trading works. 
  5. We found several negative Reviews about this website on social media.
  6. Tra trust score of is extremely low. It is 1% out of 100%
  7. During our research a thing drowned my attention. This site seems to not be active now. This is a big problem for online sites and increases the percentage of being untrustworthy of this platform. 

Is a scam or Legit?

Regarding our evaluation and analysis we collected all facts above about this broker. Every red flag of this site is proof that it is untrustworthy of this site. This is not a trusted and suspicious site which is unregulated blacklisted and we can call it a scam. Be care full while interacting with any companies like this. The best advice for you is to evaluate a platform and  all valid information about a site then invest. To know easily you can check a platform name on any valid regulatory authorities like FCA then make a good decision. 

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