US Standard Products Review: Scam Or Legit

A new doubt and the centre of scepticism among people was registered in the online shopping world. 

The company name is Un Standard Products. 

This company offers industry products and chemicals services which claim to be of high quality. 

Our researcher found different reviews and information about this company and in the enjoyment of this passage you will find the reality of this business.

What US Standard Products are?

An online industry shopping company by the title of US Standard Products created by Jason M Rubach. 

This company claims to operate from New Jersey in the United States. The website of this business is that was registered on 18, April, 2014 and the last update of this site was 2023. has 3000+ visitors from different countries. 

US Standard Products has two ways to contact with;

The first one is their email address (INFO@USSTANDARDPRODUCTS.COM ) and the second one is their own website(Usstandardproducts). 

The exact physical address of US Standard Products is  U.S. STANDARD PRODUCTS PO BOX 5509 ENGLEWOOD, NJ 07631

Red and Green flags of US Standard Products

Review of

Here is the result of our foundation about US Standard Products that was collected based on evaluating their profile, history, records and customer reviews.

We found many red flags against the company and also good news about it that will be explained in the article and let you evaluate it. 

Red Flags

  1. We found lots of negative Reviews and bad ideas about US Standard Products. Usually a website’s customer and scam advisors share this kind of information about fake websites. 
  1. The problem with this website is lack of information about business in public and social media. We could not find anything else about this business. It may be protected or hidden from customers. 
  1. The public image of this website is very bad.
  1. Their way of marking is not good. They call people by phone suddenly and suspiciously to advertise their goods and products. These unwanted calls can create many problems to people that can be unethical too. 
  2. Customers shared that calls them frequently and offers different free gift boxes to them but to receive the gift boxes you need to have more expansive purchases and buy anything else. As this way of marking depends on amateur businesses we call it a negative point. 

Green flags 

  1. The important good news about is that this is an old site that was created in 2014. It has experience in this field around 11 years that make this site look professional.
  1. Amount of visitors of is alot.
  2. It has 3K+ visitors and good traffic. From the United States  43%, Germany 37%, and Thailand 19%. These are the top countries.
  1. The headquarter address is is available to see and know. We remarked on the address above.
  1. has good quality contacts support. 

Is US Standard Products legit or fake? 

US Standard Products appears to be Legit and have many green flags to trust on but on the other hand it also has red flags to focus criticism about them.

At all we can call it a Legit website by evaluating both good and bad sides but also say it is suspicious. 

I want to tell you that you can trust on and use the product services of US Standard Products but at your own risk. 

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