Review: Potential Red Flags and Reasons for Caution

What is is a financial services website claiming to offer investment opportunities. However, several red flags suggest potential risks for investors. This review aims to provide a balanced assessment of available information and encourage further investigation before engaging with this platform.

What we do know raises serious red flags:

Warnings from Financial Authorities: Both the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) have issued warnings against for operating without a regulatory licence. This means they are not subject to the same oversight and investor protection measures as licensed firms.

Hidden Ownership: The website hides the identity of its owner, making it difficult to determine who is behind the operation and assess their credibility.

Customer Complaints: Several complaints have surfaced from individuals claiming financial losses and difficulty recovering funds invested through

Therefore, while claims to be a financial services platform, the lack of transparency, regulatory warnings, and customer complaints strongly suggest it could be a scam. 

It is crucial to be extremely cautious and avoid engaging with this platform unless you can verify its legitimacy through independent research and consultation with trusted financial professionals.

Hidden Ownership and Lack of Transparency:

The website uses a privacy service to conceal the identity of its owner (“Private by Design, LLC”). While this is not uncommon, it raises concerns about transparency and accountability. 

The provided address (500 Westover Dr #9816 27330 Sanford NC) could be a virtual office or mailbox, further obscuring the company’s true location and operations. 

The website lacks detailed information about the company’s history, management team, or investment strategy. 

Warnings from Financial Authorities:

 The Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) ([]) has issued a warning against, stating that it operates without a regulatory license. 

 The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ([ ]) is another reputable regulatory body that investors can consult for warnings about potential scams.

Unregulated entities pose significant risks to investors, as they are not subject to the same oversight and investor protection measures as licensed firms.

Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews:

 Several complaints have been reported against, with users claiming financial losses and difficulties recovering funds.

 The website “Intelligence Commissioner” flags as a risky opportunity and reports receiving multiple complaints.

Contact Information:

 The website provides an email address ( and a phone number (+44 7418 363275) for contact. However, the responsiveness and legitimacy of these contact channels are uncertain given the complaints regarding communication and fund recovery.

Technical Aspects:

 While the website boasts a “Very Fast” speed and a valid SSL certificate, these factors alone do not guarantee security or legitimacy.

 A “Domain Validated Certificate (DV SSL)” is the lowest level of SSL certification, primarily verifying domain ownership and not necessarily the company’s security practices.

Other Red Flags:

 The website’s content is described as “See relevant content for,” suggesting a lack of specific information or a generic template.

 The website’s “Terms of Service” are described as vague, which could leave investors vulnerable to unfair practices.

Can we trust on artisancapitalaps? 

Based on the information available, including warnings from financial authorities like the FCA and AFM, hidden ownership details, and customer complaints, it is highly advisable NOT to trust 

The lack of transparency and regulation, coupled with reports of financial losses, strongly suggests that this platform could be a scam. 

Remember, investing always carries risks, but dealing with unregulated and potentially fraudulent platforms dramatically increases those risks.  

Before making any investment decisions, I strongly urge you to:

  •  Consult with a licensed and trusted financial advisor for personalized guidance.
  •  Conduct your own independent research: Verify the company’s claims, look for reviews from reputable sources, and be wary of overly positive testimonials.
  •  Prioritize platforms with established reputations and regulatory compliance: Look for licenses and certifications from recognized financial authorities.

Protecting your finances requires vigilance and a healthy dose of scepticism.  Don’t rush into any investment opportunity without being confident about its legitimacy.


The lack of transparency, regulatory warnings, customer complaints, and other red flags raise serious concerns about It is highly advisable to exercise extreme caution and conduct thorough due diligence before considering any investment through this platform. Investors are encouraged to:

  1.  Verify the company’s licensing and regulatory status with relevant authorities like the FCA and AFM.
  2.  Seek independent financial advice from trusted professionals.
  3.  Research and compare alternative investment platforms with established reputations.
  4.  Report any suspicious activity to relevant authorities.

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