Is Billionico Legit Or Scam?

Billionico was launched by Baron Daniel Von Lison from Marshall Island. Billionico operates a series of subscriptions providing availability to teaching and learning different issues. 

The domain age of Billionico is 1 year and has hidden WHOIS data.The website mentions Primus Liquidity Holding Ltd that registered in Marshall Island but its operation in the country is obscure and vague. 

According to our findings Billionico is a rebrand of GSpartners. GSpartners got much negative attention from Canadians and US Authorities. 

Investors account winded up by Josip Heit. So they rebranded GSpartners to Billionico. 


Billionico operates education and teaches different topics and models. The range in four weeks starts from 99 EUR to 999 EUR. Various contents offered in subscription level. 


According to our research that we found from a scam advisor, the trust score of Billionico is 86/100 . 

But still raises questions as to why their WHOIS is hidden, as well as why they share any email, contact or other internet presence without their website. 


In the result of our findings Billionico is a pyramid scheme, investors lose their money because the company didn’t  share clear information about themselves. 

Billionico is continuing the operation of GSpartners.

Lack of transparency, high subscription, distrustful connection to GSpartners raises red flags against Billionico. 

The negative points we found about Billionico are: 

  • Hidden WHOIS 
  • Door back of GSpartners 
  • New domain age 
  • No contact 
  • High numbers of spammers 
  • Lack of transparency 
  • No information about real headquarters

Before starting use caution to be safe from scammers. 

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