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We try hard to give you awareness about all fake and scam trading companies. We are here to give you valid and 100% credible information about the reality of each one. 

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Today I’m going to inform you about a risky broker by the title of which is part of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) warning list. 


NAME: Benefits4aussies 

Founded on : 2, August 2023

Address : 80 Jephson Street, Toowong 4066, Queensland, Australia

Contact: 1800 880 569

Email: N/A

What is is an offshore forex and CFD broker established in 2023. Currently their website is not available. 

Please read Reviews below and share your live trading experiences with broker.  is an online trading broker. To contact this broker you can use their phone number and website at first but now the website is off and the address is fake. 

The company is unregulated, blacklisted, and unlicensed and also went to the warning list of ASIC


The Australian Securities and Investments Commission added into the unregistered firm alert

December, 2023

The ASIC warned the public that the firm is not authorized to provide the investment services in the country.!https-benefits4aussies-com-1447

We also checked out and found that doesn’t have an internet presence and even the address and phone number is fake just to deceive people. 


  1. The owner of the website hid their identity and information on WHOIS 
  2. Several negative comments about the site and usage of the company.
  3. Blacklisted by ASIC
  4. No license and no regulation 
  5. No transparency 
  6. Offshore broker that officially exposed

According to our research that we did about this broker we found that they don’t have any regulation at some valid authority. The company is blacklisted and doesn’t have a license. This broker has an invalid SSL certificate. This certificate is more important for all trading companies that being invalid on the web is too dangerous for investors. The web traffic is too low and comments are negative about the broker. This company has a positive reputation that helps them to Deceive  people. They work to draw your attention and steal your fund. When you invest in this company and they get their aim they will disappear any time, anywhere without notice. As we analyzed the broker and rated the company we found that this broker has an extremely low trust score that is a reliable proof of being the same and fake.

In short, I tried to up-to-date you about brokers and counsel you to protect yourselves and your funds from these scam brokers. It is entirely a scam and fake. 

Company is not under the regulation of any regulatory agency. Non regulatory agency has guaranteed It Can steal you easily.

Their phone number and location is fake, and uses a free email address. They can disappear mysteriously without notice and you cannot find them again.Because of using a free email address you can not even contact them on social media. 

Poor privacy, the customer’s information is not protected by the company. They can be hacked by any web hacker easily. It can hurt a customer deeply and cause theft.


Their trust score is extremely low, people shared negative comments on different sites and social media.

Be cautious when sharing personal information, especially online.

If you are unsure about an investment opportunity, financial transaction, or suspicious activity, consult with professionals.

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