Diamondtradesfx.com scam review 2024

A new Australian scam brookers shared recently. There are names of several companies which are unauthorised and unregulated by any valid regulatory authorities. Here I’m going to describe one of them in this article and others also will be announced step by step to help you recognize scam and Legit platforms and save your investments. 

This article is about diamondtradesfx.com which was warned in December of 2023 and reported as a scam by Trend Micro.

What is diamondtradesfx.com? 

Diamondtradesfx.com is another online trading platform. This is an Australian broker which is not regulated by any regulatory agency. According to our information about it, this site does not have a licence and was also blacklisted this month. The owner of this platform is Brady Tech which is suspicious about his identity. 

This site offers Cryptocurrency and high risk Financial services. Diamondtradesfx.com is a HYIP website which is hosted on a shared server. This is a new registered company. The domain age of this platform is 2 months. 

Diamondtradesfx.com scam or Legit? 

To answer your question that diamondtradesfx.com is a scam or legit platform I just want to explain to you some issues, then you decide if it is legit to invest or not. 

  1. As a first fact which is also more important is about regulation or this site. Usually scam sites are not trusted by famous authorities and they don’t like to give regulation to every suspicious platform. These authorities first take a deep look at brokers then if it doesn’t look trusted they announce it as a suspicious or a scam company. Even this site is blacklisted too.
  2. Diamondtradesfx.com is just around two months whiting it starts to operate. It is too young age to an online trading broker to invest and trust on. As a red flag you can keep in your mind it and recommend you to never trust any company.  
  3. We found less Reviews at google and other social media about this site. A site which is trusted by every other website announces it as a real one but only a few reviews are there about diamondtradesfx.com which all of them are negative too. 
  4. This site is hosted on a shared server with other scam sites. It is a big proof to mark diamondtradesfx.com as a scam.
  5. We analysed this site for different indicators and only 1% trust score this site won. It is extremely low. 
  6. Fees and commissions of diamondtradesfx.com is very high. Also it doesn’t offer you an Islamic or Demo account. 


diamondtradesfx.com legit?

Finally, in consideration of all facts above, it is very hard to announce it as legit. This site is rated extremely low and suspicious. It looks totally a scam and better to be away from it. 

From which country diamondtradesfx.com operat? Where is their physical address?

Diamondtradesfx.com claims to operate from Nigeria and LagLag 30071 Lag Other is their physical address. 

How to contact diamondtradesfx.co

You can contact diamondtradesfx.com through;

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