Fmaster-io Review | Scam Report on Fmaster-io

Unfortunately, fraud exists in all areas of investment, and the Forex market is no exception. It is interesting to note that even now that we are in 2023 with improved regulatory conditions in the financial industry, some forex brokers continue to deceive unsuspecting traders. Review is a scam investment platform that claims to offer the earning of passive income. But, the truth is, is one of the potential tricks. If you do not want to lose your investment, it is better to keep your money away from this broker. also operates and claims to provide access to the forex market from 2009. But we checked the domain age of the broker . It will be registered in October of 2023. 

Additionally, the broker doesn’t even share any information about its staff on its website. What makes the broker more suspicious is that they share free stock pictures. These things show how fake and untrustworthy the broker is and how unsafe your investments are.

On the other hand, I have a very young domain age, about one year ago. 

As we look out we got from scam advisor research that has  got a 33/100 trust score which is a red flag for the and it shows unsatisfied customers’ view. 


The broker  has made some false claims through its website.

The rules and regulations, Bonus and Withdrawal policies are not legitimate and they are made for defrauding investors.

It is high risk forex, crypto services and financial services too

The broker makes continuous calls to the traders and urges them to invest higher and higher amounts.

The broker promises returns which are too good to be true.

The risk warnings may not be disclosed on their webpage or that would be hidden.

The broker didn’t give any sign about their location. 

This broker provides you good chances of making profits and when you decide to withdraw your money, they will state their illegitimate rules of withdrawals and ultimately you are not able to make withdrawal.

Broker remains operational for some time and suddenly you are not able to contact the broker or the website seems down. The broker also changes name and website URL without any notice to existing traders. also lacks transparency and has poor customer service. They are Irresponsible for each type of calls and messages. also guaranteed in their advertisements to make withdrawal in one hour.  But users are unsatisfied because they failed to done their promise. They don’t even allow you to withdraw. 


  • What is 

It is an online trading broker that claims access to the forex market. 

  • Is legit? 

  No, the broker uses fake promises, has no regulation document, hidden WHOS, and even uses free contact and email. There is a high risk of financial losses. 

  • Is it withdrawal? 

At first promised withdrawal in an hour but they stuck you even for 14 or 20 days in order to expire your request. 

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