FUSIONTRADE.com SCAM – Get your money back!

Let’s be aware of another trading scam broker that works to scam you. This scam broker is FUSION TRADE. 


Name :Fusion Trade 

Address : N/A

Phone: N/A



Fusion trade  is an online scam broker which is not disclose their ownership information. 

They didn’t provide address and contacts. 

Their website is: www.fusiontrade.com  


Absolutely No! FusionTrade.co is an online trading broker which is not regulated with any reputed regulation authority. This scam broker is blacklisted, beside unregulation and blacklisting, there are such other reasons to prove its description and cheat. 


  • Unregulated, blacklisted.
  • The broker doesn’t share any information about it’s owner and stuff.
  • They share stock and fake pictures and videos in their website that claim to be their self member.
  • No SSL certificate 
  • Their Tranco Rank is very low.
  • Their software is not protected.
  • They haven’t quality control.
  • Their reviews, ads, and positive reputation is almost certainly fake.
  • The more important reason is their trust score that is 0%. It is 0/100 and serously low that prove us the deception  of company.


(WARNING! Be wary of dealing with this business as it is unlicensed in Australia.

This entity is likely to be offering financial services to Australian consumers. It does not hold an Australian financial services licence or Australian credit licence from ASIC, and is not authorised by a licensee. Almost all providers of financial services in Australia must be licensed by ASIC.) 



Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom blacklisted www.fusiontrade.co by the reason of unauthorization and unregulation. 



The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) also published an investor alert against Fusiontrade.co

The IOSCO warned people to stop investing with www.fusiontrade.co 



The most important thing while trading with any broker is to know their certification. If they are regulated then there is not much problem. In case, they are unregulated; then be aware and be cautious. FusionTrade.co  is unregulated and is offshore-based. 

If a company or firm is operating from offshore that is outside of your jurisdiction you have limited chances to fight back if your funds are swindled. In an event of theft or scam complaints can be filed only if the broker is authorized by regulatory authorities in your jurisdiction.

Legitimate brokers publish their team on the website. You can view the qualifications of the account managers, financial analysts, founders, and the company that incorporates the broker. The authority knows whom to hold liable if there is any dispute between the broker and clients.


The first thing that got our attention about their fraud is their platform. FusionTrade.co is an unauthorized broker trying to get traders to use their bogus platform. This is why they say that FusionTrade.co has over 120,000 active customers.They imply that you can succeed on their trading platform because they are “safe” brokers.

 Once you open the platform, you will notice the unprofessionalism. How can a company that cannot afford an expert developer promise high returns? You will realize a huge difference if you compare their appearance with their competitors


According to our deep research we found www.fusiontrade.co, using a free email address for the company. This free email is a deep proof of being a scam of this broker. The disadvantage of this free email is that it is not possible to track the identity of the user and owner. And free email Gmail and Hotmail are not normal for trading websites. 

As well as, no contact number is also questionable. They are Irresponsible to your needs, calls, emails and questions. 


According to our findings, as we had rated the trust score of Fusiontrade.com we found that their trust score is extremely low. It means, many people had traded with Fusiontrade.com but were scammed. The trust score of FusionTrade.co  is 8/100% and it is not normal for a trading company.

The advertisement of Fusiontrade.com has a positive reputation that makes their work easy to achieve trust of traders and scam from them. As well as, they buy positive reviews in a way that they give money to people who write positive reviews in order to get the attention of traders. Then when traders start to trade with them, they can easily fool traders to get their funds. 


They accept funds via cryptocurrency, wire transfer, credit and debit cards. The first two methods do not allow clients to issue a chargeback. By using bank cards, you can reverse the payment. However, some scammers are tactical and will transfer the funds to multiple offshore banks till you cannot track the money.

 The entity is offering multiple bonuses and promotions to traders. They have welcome bonuses, awards, and contests. To qualify for a withdrawal after accepting these lucrative offers, you must meet a 25 times minimum trading volume of the initial capital and bonus amount. 

The requirement is outrageous and hard to achieve. You cannot do away with the bonus once you have accepted. Failure to observe the requirement means you cannot withdraw any amount.


A telltale sign of a scam broker is the presence of negative feedback and scam reports from clients and industry experts. Multiple reports of fraudulent activities, unethical practices, and financial losses contribute to suspicions about the company’s legitimacy. Potential clients need to research and consider the experiences shared by others before entrusting their investments to any brokerage firm. WWW.FUSIONTRADE.CO HAS GOT MANY NEGATIVE FEEDBACK FROM USERS THAT IS CLEARLY SHOW THAT THEY ARE SCAM. 



Www.fusiontrade.co is not a broker we can recommend because they are not licensed to provide financial services. We also found some negative comments on internet forums. Your money is not safe so it is better to stay away from this broker. Remember to always check reviews and comments about a company before you send money to someone, no matter if it is a forex broker, cryptocurrency exchange or any other company.

If you have been scammed leave a negative comment below to warn other users against investing with this broker. 

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