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 Here is a new broker which we found in the Australian blacklisted broker list. As Australia shared a strong warning on their website ( against you can easily understand and comprehend is a scam. 

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission shared a brief statement and announced SydneyFx as a scam broker. 

In the following article it will be clear for you whether is safe or not. Also you will realise all facts and data of this platform.

What is 

Another suspicious broker by the name of which is registered recently. This platform is created for online trading and it is a forex Cryptocurrency platform. 

The site creator is not available to access, he/she hides his/her identity for anonymous reasons. is owned by SydneyFx. This is an unregulated blacklisted company.  This platform says they are regulated by ASIC but the result of my searches are vise versa. I could not find the name of SydneyFx on their regulated platforms, instead ASIC warned it as a scam too. 

This is an offshore site which is not trusted by  Trend Micro and the only contact way to is its website. The phone number and email address is not shared by the company.  As I found an email but it looks to be fake, it doesn’t have a server and was unavailable. 

The physical address of this platform is not shared either. We just can say it is protected for privacy but you know better brokers usually hide their identities, physical Addresses and contact ways to steal well and disappear easily.

Never trust them !

All Company Data

  • Domain age: 3 months from now
  • WHOIS data: hidden
  • Organisation: Whois Privacy Corp.
  • Country: BS
  • E-mail: please query the  service of the registrar of record identified in this output for information on how to contact the registrant, admin, or tech contact of the queried domain name.
  • Website:
  • Title: SydneyFX
  • Website Speed: Very Fast
  • SSL certificate valid: valid
  • SSL type: Low – Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)
  • SSL issuer: Let’s Encrypt
  • WHOIS registration data: 2023-09-19
  • WHOIS last update date: 2023-11-09
  • WHOIS renew date: 2024-09-19

Analysing the Company is a platform which was registered 3 months ago. The registrar has a high percent of scammers and fraud sites.

This is an unauthorised firm which was warned by ASIC in December of 2023. 

SydneyFx claims to operate from the BS and not regulated by any valid regulatory authorities. 

This is a Cryptocurrency trading broker with a bad history   of trading around the world. According to our research, we found that had scammed 99% of its traders. We just could rate it as low as possible. The trust score of this platform is 1/100 that is given by examining and analysing the company for different indicators. 

Sydney Fc has extremely low traffic, usually scam sites and those which are not trusted or accepted by Authorities have low rank. Because people know they are scammers and don’t want to lose their money.  has a valid SSL certificate, which is a good point but can’t guarantee the platform. The problem is that now every site buys a site with Certificate or uses a free kind of Certificate to draw the customers’ belief. But don’t trust them!

It is better to tell you they don’t have any consultant to train you, CFD trading is not offered by them, they work lousy with fake reviews, and SydneyFx have not a quality control department to work with traders.


  1.  Who is the owner of SydneyFx ?

The owner of this platform didn’t share his/her identity, that is unknown. 

  1. How is the SydneyFx scam?

all online scam trading brokers don’t give you their real address, location and number . SydneyFx  broker is a technical scammer that makes you fool easily .After signing onto the website you will realise that your data will be stolen. If you request them to delete your data you will receive over 30 calls from different numbers. At first, they will demand you pay around 2000 dollars to pay, then step by step they want you to pay more. if you refuse, they will give you any more opinions and orders to force you to pay. When you paid, you will never succeed to contact them again. They will disappear easily without notice. 

  1. My money was scammed ! Can I return it?

Fortunately, yes. Only clicking on the My Chargeback option is enough for you. If it is not  too late, you need to contact your bank immediately and let them know what happened. Banks will reimburse you if your money were scammed.

 One thing more that you need to do is  change your banking passwords and remove all scamming software you have installed. Change  your accounts password, check your credit cards , visa and MasterCard and chargeback all of them. Report the problem to the company and institution. And  notify  all people you can, about scam broker to protect.

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