Is – QUOPI LTD a legit platform?

Here I collected all information about shortly. This site is suspicious and has a low rating and offers Cryptocurrency information with high fees. Continue your reading to know better about

What is ? is an online investment platform. This site is owned by QUOPI LTD. The domain of was registered recently. This site has a fast speed with high fees and commissions. The SSL Certificate of is valid. The type of their SSL is  (DV SSL) or Low-Domain Validated Certificate. 

Is legit?

We analysed this platform for different indicators.We found this site is not popular, which was regenerated 11 months ago. This is an unregulated blacklisted company which was warned by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom on 23, November, 2023. 

As the platform is new also it has not a lot of Reviews on social media and the amount ist has is also negative. We found from valid websites like Scamadviser and Trustpilot that this site is suspicious and they shared negative reviews about this website. 

The ranking of is extremely low. This site was registered 11 months ago but still has very low traffic. It may be because they are untrustworthy of this platform. 

As this site has a valid SSL but we can not still guarantee it. The SSL Certificate may be bought or they may use a free one. Not having a Certificate is a red flag but not having a valid one is more dangerous because they use a free or invalid one but customers don’t know and trust them they scam easily. does not offer you an islamic and Demo account. offers Cryptocurrency, and high risk Financial Services which are very risky to online traders especially since they have huge fees and commissions.

Totally we can say this site is not trusted. It is totally a scam and better to stay away. 

What is the trust score of 

We examined for different indicators.We found more negative points such as upregulation, low  runking, young age, offers, negative reviews, and so on. This platform owned only 1% out of 100% trust score.

It is externally low for online platforms and is a big proof of being a scam and untrustworthy of a site. 

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