Is fake or not? full Review

You know better we always analyse a company then share valid and real information about it to all. This can help you to not lose your funds, instead use it for any useful business to raise the quality of your life.

Today it is which drew my attention because of a huge amount of scamming and suspicious info that others share about it. 

This platform does not like to share its real physical address. It may be caused by different things. Totally, companies hide their address to not be found by customers, especially scam companies which do not have even a specific physical address. They want to disappear after scamming. 

It is not all, as you read this article you will realise why we call this site suspicious , even a scam one. is a scam. How?

Yes, as I mentioned above this platform is really suspicious. The result of our researchers says, this site owned only 1% out of 100% trust score. It means for the 99% of indicators which we judged about, it was a big cross. Otherwise here are more red flags about this platform to cross it out:

  1. This site is too young. It is only 4 months that it was registered. At all we can count on new platforms. The percentage of new registered companies being scammed is very high. We recommend you to not accept  high risk for your funds. 
  2. As a special point about the suspicioustion of this site may be the regulation. This site is not regulated, even though it is blacklisted by SFMSA of Switzerland on 1, December, 2023 . It is not a normal thing. When a broker is warned by a popular site or Authority, the risk of this platform is higher,  we can call it a scam too. 
  3. The owner data of is hidden by the company. Usually platforms hide it to be not recognized by others. But this way, they can scam very well and easily. 
  4. This site is hosted on a server where there are many scam platforms hosted too. Usually the same companies are hosted on the same server. 
  5. We found many negative reviews on social media. Valid sites shared warnings about the suspicion of this platform.
  6. offers you Cryptocurrency-related information. We warned you before  too that Cryptocurrency related information is a high risk for your business. The chance of losing your funds is very high.


  1. Is really a scam?

It is suspicious. We do not offer you suspicious platforms to invest on. The trust score of this site is extremely low, you can trust on it just 1%. 

Please be careful, and do not even think about investing at online SUSPECUSE platforms.

  1. From which country does the operate?

We searched a lot but not a specific address or country name they are operating at.

  1. How old is? 

It was registered recently, 4 months from now. 

  1. How much is the trust score of

It is only 1% out of 100%.

  1. Which Authority accepted the regulation of 

None! It is not regulated by any valid regulatory authority even though it is warned by SFMSA.

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