Review 2024 is new crypto trading website that are in market few Months ago the company Preston Capital claims that its registered in uk and the have a certificate of incorporation.

What is

Its cryptocurrency trading website that offers few Plan to their clients, the website have 5% referral commission its not a regulated broker or website. There is lack of transparency on this website .

Its  Ponzi scheme website and the contact number on their website does not appear to be legitimate we dose not found any information about the founder or the owners of this website to proof that its legit website some of website like this will scam you and run away and as you dont have any info about the website owners you cant find them too.

According to (ahref) the website does not have a good amount of traffic and the total traffic is 500 per month and all the traffic is coming from cheap countries.

Is Prestoncapital legit ?

No its scam website. After our research and investigation on this website we found that the business model that the work on is not appears to be legitimate. You will only lose your money not make money after you spend your money on this website. They will delete your account and you will get it back .

Moreover: the site uses templates that most scammers use and the run social media ads too to get the attention of people. Sometimes you may get a call from them never answer the call and if the promise you something they are lying and it’s fraud .

PrestonCapital membership is free of cost but when you create account with this site the will ask you to pay 100$ of minimum investment .

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