Review of Caution Advised Due to Red Flags and Lack of Transparency

Upon conducting a comprehensive analysis of, several concerning factors have emerged that warrant a cautious approach when considering interactions with the website. The following review provides an in-depth evaluation of the website’s legitimacy and potential risks, taking into account various indicators and red flags.

Company Data:

The website appears to be a relatively new domain, with a domain age of 1 year. Upon conducting a WHOIS lookup, it is evident that the website has hidden WHOIS data, with limited information available about the organisation and owner. The contact address provided is located in New York, US, but specific details are redacted for privacy reasons.

In terms of security, the website has a valid SSL certificate issued by Sectigo Limited. The SSL certificate is categorized as a Low – Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL), which indicates that the certificate authority has validated the ownership of the domain. This is a basic level of validation, ensuring that data transmitted between the user and the website is encrypted and secure.

The WHOIS registration date for the domain is listed as May 9, 2023, suggesting that the domain was registered relatively recently. This information, combined with the limited details available, may raise some questions about the legitimacy and transparency of the website.

For further inquiries or to reach out to the owner of the domain, the contact email provided leads to an external link: . This link may provide additional information or a means to contact the website owner or organisation behind

Website Evaluation 

Domain Age and Identity Concealment:

The domain name was recently registered, suggesting that the website may lack a substantial track record and consumer feedback to assess its credibility. Furthermore, the decision to conceal the identity of the website owner raises transparency concerns and diminishes trust in the legitimacy of the platform. The absence of clear ownership information is a significant red flag, as it hinders accountability and raises doubts about the website’s intentions.

Low Traffic Ranking and Hosting Environment:

The low Tranco ranking of indicates that the website may not be receiving significant traffic, which could be indicative of its limited legitimacy and trustworthiness. Additionally, the website is hosted on a server with several unreliable websites, signaling potential issues with reliability and security. This aspect raises concerns about the website’s hosting environment and its potential impact on user safety.

Technical Anomalies and Content Analysis:

The inability to analyze the content of the website due to technical restrictions is another noteworthy concern. This limitation hampers the ability to assess the nature of the website’s content and functionality, which may indicate underlying technical issues or active blocking of analysis efforts. Furthermore, the use of iframes to include content from another website is considered suspicious, potentially raising questions about the integrity and safety of the website’s content delivery methods.

SSL Certificate and Data Security:

On a positive note, does possess a valid SSL certificate, indicating that the website has taken steps to secure communication and protect user data. This is an encouraging sign for users concerned about online security and privacy. However, it is crucial to note that the absence of an SSL certificate would pose an even greater risk, especially when dealing with sensitive personal information.

SEO Implications and FSMA Warning:

From an SEO perspective, exhibits concerning signs that may affect its visibility and credibility in search engine results. The lack of transparency, low traffic ranking, and hosting environment issues can potentially impact the website’s search engine performance and overall online presence.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that does not comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations. The lack of clear ownership information and potential hosting environment risks could pose hazards to consumers seeking food-related products or services from the website. Users should exercise caution when considering any transactions or engagements related to food safety products or information on


In conclusion, based on the aforementioned findings, it is strongly recommended to approach with extreme caution. Prior to engaging in any transactions or interactions with the website, thorough research should be conducted to ascertain its legitimacy and credibility. Users are advised to seek out alternative sources, evaluate user reviews and ratings, and consider potential risks before making any decisions related to It is crucial to prioritize online safety and security when navigating websites with such red flags and uncertainties.

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