Sweet Rush Infinity Review Legit Or scam?

Hello and welcome to the honest review of sweet rush infinity app review if you want to find our more about this app if its legit or scam you are on the right website .

What is Sweet Rush Infinity?

Sweet Rush Infinity is an online gaming community or platform that got lots of users attention in a short time. The platform promises you that you will make lots of dollars by just playing games but all this is just a fake and false claim .

The target young users who want to make money in a very short time and also the target kids that are didn’t know about this scams .

Sweet Rush Infinity Review

After our research and searching the web for finding more about this website we found lots of red flags about this app that this app is not legit, its fake app and its fully scam beware .

How sweet rush game works ?

The website is created the way you can not withdraw your entire money or investment if you send it to this website your whole money and your personal information will be goon you need to stay away from playing such pay per gameplay its all scam and fake website  lots of people we seen that the are not happy with the result of sweet rush infinity app and website and we found lot of  bad reviews .

This scam game is running by (metaluxo ltd) in ios app store with name of sweet rush: infinity and its works like online gambling apps but in this you will always lose your money not make money 

Some scammers use social media like facebook tiktok and more types of ads to convince users to create an account with their platform. After creating an account they will ask you to pay them and after some time their website and app will shut down and you will never find them.

The sweet rush game uses suspicious payment methods which is a very big red flag and the site did not use https with leds website not secure and your personal information is not safe with them.

We share reviews about scam websites like this to avoid other people falling for their scams. Follow our blog for more Reviews .

This type of scammers use ads on different platform to convince their victims to create account with that type of websites after you create account with this type of apps the will ask you to pay account fee and ask you for personal info like credit card and etc then the use this important information and even the sell your information to other sites across internet .

In our team’s experience the site app promises you that they will pay you if you pay them which is not right and the scam app does not have a contact or support page which means you can’t contact them once you fall in this scam.

Who is founder of Sweet Rush Game

The Sweet Rush Infinity app lacks details like the identity of the CEO, the Address of their office, and also missing contact page for support


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