Lets know the answer to the above questions and  inform you about another scam  broker that steals your funds in an illegal way.

EASYPIPS AUTO-TECHFX / EASYPIPSAUTOTECHFX.LTD EASYPIPSAUTOTECHFX.LTD is an online trading broker of investment platforms that claims low commission and high profits. As well as, they claim to be registered in the UK. 

Highlighted points

  • Officially Exposed Scam. 
  • No Transparency. 
  • Low Trust Score and Poor Popularity Having Negative Comments of Customers. 
  • Unrealistic Expectation. 
  • No Regulation Agency 
  • Blacklisted by FCA of UK 


EASYPIPSAUTOTECHFX.LTDis an online trading site with an online platform. An online trading platform is a digital platform that enables everyone to invest their money in different cryptocurrencies and digital assets and claims to offer the earning of passive income. But in reality, www.easypipsautotechfx.ltd   is one of the potential tricks. If you do not want to lose your investment, it is better to keep your money away from this broker. 

As well as, Once you create an account, you can log in to the platform. You can enter your account details when you select the software.They easily access your personal information and abuse it. We warn you that you will be disappointed. Basic features of this software include trading history and pending orders. 

We always advise our readers to go with legitimate brokers. There are millions of users thanks to customizability. 

Investors create accounts, monitor portfolio, buy or sell place order, assets and access additional features for trading goals. But it is just showing up to fraud people.

As their information of WHOIS is hidden and incorrect, they can easily disappear after your funds. So be aware before investing. Investors must search for websites to know the legitimate or scam.


There are many red flag about 


Trusted companies always share full information and WHOIS information to clients but EASYPIPSAUTOTECHFX.LTD hides their information. 

Unregulated and blacklisted by FCA of UK is another big red flag for this broker. 

The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK on 1,Dec  issued a warning against EASYPIPSAUTOTECHFX.LTD that worked under no authority and law. You may visit issued warning: 


EASYPIPSAUTOTECHFX.LTD owner did not provide any information about their contact, email and address are also suspicious because scam brokers use incorrect location. The real and legitimate investments never hide their information. 

According to research, trusted and real companies have high scores and a high number of followers. But EASYPIPSAUTOTECHFX.LTD trust score is very low. Comments from other people are a great help for you to make great decisions to select an online trading company.

Never believe in positive comments because lots of brokers buy a website just for writing positive words or give money to people to write positive reviews for them in order to deceive people.

Always search about your selected website and then use your judgment, you can easily find the red flag of the website.

They share stock pictures as staff members on its website, which is another red flag of suspicion.

In summary, EASYPIPSAUTOTECHFX.LTD is an online offshore broker that works under no authority. No clear information is present. Fake promises, no transparency and no licenses are big evidence that clearly show. EASYPIPSAUTOTECHFX.LTD is totally a scam. 

Walk away, stay safe. 

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