Scam or legit?

What is

ecfx-cn is an online Cryptocurrency trading broker. This site is registered 4 months from now and the real operation address of this site is not available. 

Fraudulent brokers like

usually give you a good discount to guide you to the bad way and steal your funds, as like others this site has good ads and invests a small amount of your money.

 ecfx-cn.comhas a valid SSL Certificate and claims to be regulated. According to our information this site is warned as an unregulated broker on 1, December, 2023 by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. 

The site speed is very fast and it uses these tags to its website; Helpdesk, Registration Possible, Financial Services – High Risk Countries.

The contact ways to this platform are;

Email address: 

Website:  scam or legit?

We analysed this broker for different indicators and found different red flags against this platform. 

  1. This site is very young. It is registered recently and unusually we mark new platforms as suspicious ones. Be careful about new companies. 
  1. The owner info of this broker is protected. Why do they do this? It is a big problem and Question to us. We prefer and give scores more for those platforms, which the owners are not protected. 
  1. There are many scam sites which are hosted in high risk Countries one of them is this broker. It can be a major red flag for this site also there are a high number of scam and suspicious sites on this server too. We encourage you to search well before investing at any suspicious sites. 
  1. We usually analyse a platform for different purposes and from different ways. In the result of our analysis we could only give this site 1% trust score which was only for having a valid SSL Certificate. Otherwise this site has a low trust score and frankie trunking as well. The terrific quality of this site is very low and people usually don’t like to invest in any suspicious platforma. 
  1. We found a lot of negative Reviews about this website on social media. It is a warning to not invest. Because all valid authorities shared warnings and  websites shared a bad review of this platform. Even people who have been invested before share their experiences and dissatisfaction.

What to do…

Now you know all the good and bad sides of this site and we all know better it is a SUSPENSE platform for all. 

We kindly request you to be away and not become a victim of any scam sites. You and your funds are really valuable for us. We just advise you to search about a platform well, after you get assurance about the validity of a site or company investment. 

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