Future-trade.ltd Review – Legit or scam.

What is Future-trade.ltd?

Future-trade.ltd is an online trading platform operate and registered from the United Kingdom.

This platform started the work of online trading 7 months ago. 

The platform coffers you Cryptocurrency services, High risk Financial services, and HYP services and hosted on a shared service. 

Future-trade.ltd is not regulated by any financial authority. FCA, of the UK shared a warning against this platform on 30, November, 2023 too. 

Future-trade.ltd claims to be registered and licensed. The Address of future-trade.ltd  is 

6 St. Dunstans Ave, London W3 6QB, UK. 

This is not the real address, The broker does not have a physical office at the specified address. 

The main goal of scammers is to hide their location as much as possible so that they can feel safe while scamming people. 

Future-trade.ltd legit or scam?

Future-trade.ltd is one of the many unregulated forex brokers. This broker is a technical stealer with high experience of scamming from people around the world. The broker’s website data-sensitive services are hosted on a shared server.

 They are poor in communication and there is no legal protection with the company. The company uses a free email address to contact people and their fees and commission is too high. The trust score of this broker is too low (1/100) and people’s comments are negative about the broker. Their Tranco ranking is very low and data of the owner is hidden on WHOIS.

 It is not trusted by Trend Micro. 

Totally it is a suspicious broker, we prefer to call it a scam platform and guide you to be away to keep your funds safe. 

How does the future-trade.ltd scam work?

Usually scam brokers make many different profits to entice people and make them believe that making money is easy. 

Then encourage the investor to invest more money to increase their funds.

 In some cases they encourage investors to share and invite more people, family and friends to join the platform as well. Then, when the beloved you are investing your more money :and believing in them they will close your account and steal all your funds. They will disappear mysteriously without notice.

 You will never find and contact them again. Their location and email address are all fake, you will recognize that now.

Contact ways to future-trade.ltd :

Phone number: Not found

Website: https://www.future-trade.ltd/

Email address: support@future-trade.ltd 

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