Gigamax Review: Scam Or Legit 2024

Hello and welcome to our new post. In this post we talk about the Gigamax website formally known as (Gigamax Pro,Gigamax AI ,, .

What is Gigamax ?

Gigamax is a cryptocurrency-based network. The company was founded in May2023, by an unknown person. This platform offers a few types of crypto investment packages. This website is not legitimate as this site has lots of red flags .

Moreover the site design is not looking good and the use of some scam sites script most of the time the scam people run away and you can’t find them.the page does not have any contact information and also this scam site does not have any email or contact information. 

Furthermore, we researched and we found out that the site changes domain every time to mislead more users. They changed around 10 domains in recent months. Once you put your information on this website they will sell your information to other websites and even leak your credit card information. Stay away from such scam website.

some red flags

According to simrush, total visits on this website is 1k, and its domain was registered (2023), the website is registered recently you can only create account and login in the main page of this website.

Also, lots of users shared their 0 star experiences with on websites  like TrustPilot, like screenshot below

trustpilot Review about

Gigamax Review

After our finding and investigation we found that the app is is scam and we don’t recommend you to invest your money on this platform stay away from this website.

This website added in too many scam detectors databases which is so clear this website is not legit. If you are scammed by this website you can contact mychrgeback using a chatbot on the bottom of this page that will recover Your lost money .

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