Review 2024 is reported as unsafe by Trend Micro. This site was warned as an unregulated blacklisted company by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom on 1, December, 2023.

What is ? is an online Cryptocurrency platform.  This site regenerated last month and offers Cryptocurrency services and high risk financial services which are dangerous for your funds. claims to operate from GB, the main address they shared on their profile is; 72 Chase Side, Suite 2, London, United Kingdom, N14 5PH N14 5PH London Chase Side.

SKY TRADING FX is the title and Bangor, Option, Yields, Options, Binary are keywords of 

This platform has a valid SSL Certificate and the website speed is high. scam or not?

The result of our analysis says, it is a suspicious broker you need to search more if you want to invest here. 

  • It is a new registered company which was registered only one month ago. This site is hosted on a shared server with other scam sites. 
  • We also checked the company for regulation which was negative, it is not regulated by any regulatory authority even warned as a scam by FCA too. 
  • offers high risk like Cryptocurrency which experts in Cryptocurrency are worried about
  • This site has many low visitors and the  ranking of it is extremely low. 
  • The trust score of this site is very low, it is only 1%  out of 100%. It means this site is crossed for 99 sides. 
  • A valid SSL Certificate cant guarantee a company. Remember even scam sites can have a valid Certificate. They can buy it and use a free one if it. 
  • We found very few reviews about but all of them were negative highlights and Reviews at Google and other social media. It is another red flag. 
  • And the most important red flag is the owner’s information and identity. Usually scam sites hide it to not be found by anyone anywhere. 


  1.  From where this company operates? 

It claims to operate from the GB. 


  1. How to contact them? 

You can contact them through:

  1. Phone: +44.7520644531
  2. E-mail:
  3. Website

3. How to withdraw my funds? 

ChargeBack can help you. 

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