spencerandstanley.com Review Legit or scam

Welcome to my new review today we talk about spencerandstanley website if its legit or scam 

Is spencerandstanley legit ?

After our investigation we found that spencerandstanley.com is a fraudulent website. Lots of big websites report this website as a scam. It’s a very big red flag. We recommend you to stay away from this website and do not invest your money in this website .

spencerandstanley  unregulated broker you should withdraw your money asp because your money is not safe with this website .

Scammers they take your money show making a profit ,won’t return any profit when ask.they then ask for a further money between 4k and 10k for crypto investment still as not give you any money Don’t waste your money. The company first ask you to deposit 250usd the after few days the will tell you to check your account he money will become around 1kusd then they will tell you deposit more money to win more money in the end of the day you are fully scammed the are top level scammers .

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