Text ALN Review : Genuine or a Fraudulent Scheme?

Text ALN is created for business marketing with sms and provides opportunities for boosting business. The company claims that this will boost your earning by just using your phone .

What is Text ALN it?

It’s a text messaging platform website where people can make money by just messaging and they have few more options too.

After our research we didn’t find any address or information about the owner of this messaging website which is a red flag that this website is not a legitimate website .

The working on text marketing funnel and the paid a lots of website to post positive review about them the promise you that you can make decent income from this by joining there affiliate marketing and sms but you can’t make anything in this fake platform they just make money and you will lose your money stay away from aln text sms marketing service .

After our research and findings we found that the platform is not legit and it’s a scam to just get more customers as you invite your friends to their affiliate marketing. It’s a kind of scam that also stole your personal and credit card information and then sold this information to other websites .

Text ALN Review .

This website have 4 different pricing plane that start from 15$ until 75$ this all are fake planes once you subscribe one of this you will lost significant amount of money and then your account will got banned you cant find them too.

What Are Text ALN Product?

This website does not have any real product all people can promote there platform using affiliate membership the only way you can make money is this that you need promote and then once users pay to this website you will get commission .

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